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“Love elevates the beauty of life.”
― Farshad Asl

Happy Valentines Day, lovers!

Another hectic but good week. Jeff, bless him, is working really demanding hours and while not as bad, I’m not far behind him! The good news is that in spite of some coworkers dealing with a minor outbreak of plague and some last minute priority assignments, I was able to work on some really fun projects as well (filming was involved, as you may have glimpsed). It’s amazing how even one fun project can really flavor a lot of more administrative ones more positively, there’s a life lesson in that somewhere I’m sure.

In other self-care and restorative news, Jeff and I are making good on travel goals already with a trip to Belgium booked next month and a holiday in Spain with our friends Kelsey and Cody (who you may remember from Ireland) is planned for November. In between now and then we’re looking at all kinds of breaks both long and short which will be good for the soul. I’ve also scored some tickets to an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery celebrating a century of British Vogue, so good posts are on the horizon as promised. Here are you links, kittens, and tell me how your week went!

2016-01-31 15.47.22-1

I don’t love or agree with everything the Green brothers have ever talked about on their incredibly prolific channel vlogbrothers, but this short piece on Millennials was interesting to me as a lot of the problems (admittedly largely “first world” in the extreme) he mentioned are topics that have been on my mind recently.

Economics, kids.

I have one, and most women I know do too.

Road trip?

This whole thing is downright Shakespearean.

Giving voice to the voiceless.

Note to self, sit up straight.

I’m on restricted clothes buying for the foreseeable future (due to prioritizing of investment purchases, of which I am still ridiculously proud), so someone else needs to snap up a pair of these.

In new always relevant to the minion coterie: Beyonce. Specifically her fantastic new video drop and some of the great pop culture writing that has sprung from it. More here. And yet more here. And yet more here!

For you marketers out there, this is a handy bit of info!

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

How to get that perfect 1920 bod.

Last Days in London.

This cartoonist’s project has been making the rounds, and it’s damn charming.

Surprising precisely no one, these shots of Misty Copeland are amazing.

Let’s read about a jewelry feud! Which of course is more complicated than than it sounds.

Also relevant to our interests, this blog.

A tiny bit of humor to round out the week (because it was a bit ridiculous how funny I found this video). Do. Not. Mess.

And in bad V-day news

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. If you ever (ahem) get to NY, I’ll take you to the Longchamp outlet store here…oooooh, heaven! I treated myself to a leather wallet, leather purse and the most elegant umbrella I’ve ever owned — full-sized. burnt orange. I actually do not own a Pliage…:-)

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