Weekend Links

“There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”
― Alain de Botton

It can be awfully frightening (or at least obnoxious) to look up and realise that the first month of the year is essentially gone. The grown ups were right all along, kittens, time does speed up as you get older! Meanwhile I’ve not gotten around to a lot of good things I wanted to focus on this January, up to an including writing more. Oops.

However, I’m making some positive steps in that direction. My freelance bug, long dormant due to regular job commitments, has bitten again, and I’m putting together some pitches for a site I really love and am hoping to write for. I’ve also had a couple of interesting meetings where freelance options presented themselves completely out of the blue that I’d like to explore. And, probably more relevant to you, ducklings, I’m going to get my rear in gear and make blogging a priority for myself again because I enjoy it, I miss it, and it’s good practice when I’m not able to do freelance work–such as the entirety of 2015, apparently.

So keep an eye out here and hold me to my noble intentions. Here are you links for this weekend, and let me know what you’ve been getting up to in the comments!

I'm also making brunch dates with my husband a priority. For obvious reasons.
I’m also making brunch dates with my husband more of a priority. For obvious reasons.

I know genuinely cool people. One was recently interviewed on The Lifestyle Edit and has good things to say about freelancing, supporting, and finding your own career path.

Musings on a muse.

Frazier’s apartment! (And if you aren’t singing “tossed salad and scrambled eggs,” to yourself under your breath, I cannot help you.)

The evolution of the London fashion business.

Speaking of, Alexa Chung’s Future of Fashion series from British Vogue is back and I really loved the story from episode one about the 32 year old intern. Food for thought!

Damn it, humans

Damn it, Star Wars marketing team.

Hugely behind this. Also, did it first. Er, besides JFK apparently?

London archaeological finds!

An interesting and thought provoking piece on guns and American masculinity that gave me a lot to chew on and presented a point of view that, though I do not agree with, I can potentially see in a more sympathetic light. Society has always had disenfranchised members, but we’re in a period in Western culture where a lot of the previous norms of power/lack thereof are either being challenged or dismantled. I think this is a good thing (looking at you, patriarchy)…but what does it mean for those who were the top dogs but are no more? What does that do to a mindset and a personality of an individual, and what does it do to a group en masse? Is the violence we see in America in particular just a massively overdeveloped flight or fight response? Interested to hear your thoughts in the comments on this one, kittens.

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