Weekend Links

“In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro.”
― Thomas à Kempis

This was a weekend for doing next to nothing and how we enjoyed it. And how we are missing it!

Here are you links, catch me up on your gossip, kittens.

2015-12-29 15.04.06

Food for thought. London has a very large Muslim population and the hijab in all it’s forms is an every day sight. Living here has really allowed me to engage with (and reject a lot of) preconceived notions I had about how veiled women are perceived and how they perceive themselves. Last year I was invited to take tea with a sheikha who is apparently writing a book, supervising her children’s university educations, and managing a wealth portfolio (I was handing over keys to one of her purchases). On hour with that woman was an education!

This house…I want it…

Goodness. I’ll stick with marketing, thanks.

Costumes from leading shows and how they came about.

Emma Thompson’s tribute to Alan Rickman.

RadioWest had a very good program about the Bundy stand off in Oregon and how the language and a great deal of the thinking behind it intersects with many of the leaders’ mormonism. After interviewing a member of the “militia,” they speak with a scholar and journalist on the subject and many of the comments are insightful. However, it’s the call taken on the air that really gave me pause…

In related news, sobering.

Hitting this up this weekend!

Excellent skill to have, and one I’m trying to get better at.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration.

…or in need of a slight readjustment.

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