Weekend Links (on Monday)

“Don’t believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.”
― Douglas Adams

Yes, yes, you correctly surmise that the links are late. Because my first week back from holiday was so badly managed that I spent Saturday comatose or lying on the bathroom floor due to nausea (or worse). Migraines are no joke, kittens, practice self care better than your negligent Aunt C.

Hilariously one of my non-resolutions was to get back into proper blogging but this far I’m making a hash of it. Bear with me while work evens out and I’ll rise to the surface again in no time. Here are your links, share more good things you’ve found this year so far in the comments!

2015-12-21 15.23.37-1

Snort laugh.

How are those New Year Resolutions coming along?

Why thank you, don’t mind if I do!

I spent several mesmerizing minutes watching these short vids from Chanel showing some of the beautiful work the members of the atelier do in creating the haute couture designs.

This week in Mormon news, armed takeovers of government buildings! Organise 100% peaceful and non-disruptive events promoting women’s ordination and, you’ll be excommunicated, wholly cut off from salvation according to the faithful. But seize a government facility, notable supporters armed and claiming inspiration based on the church’s teachings and/or scripture, and you’ll be “strongly condemn[ed]” on the official news site, by golly. I’m withholding further snark until this pans out more, but at the moment I find it irritating, depressing, and frightening.

[Added later] Far more relevant thoughts than my own on the Bundy case regarding the difference race and religion make to this scenario in this country.

[Added yet later] Well fine, I think I’m just going to keep posting links on this all week. Twitter responds with it’s usual mix of poetic and profane. A few days in and I’m still irritated, but I’m also increasingly baffled.

[Later still…] Seriously. Send snacks? Using a mail system run by…the government you are protesting? Back to your regularly scheduled links, kittens, this is past cray cray.

Xarissa alerted me to the fact that this exists and now I’m counting down the days.

Fantastic interview and the idea of tenacity at work is something I’ve been meditating on lately.

Get educated.

Haute couture meets the hijab and the results are pretty fab. They are also an interesting commentary on the strange ways cultures and wealth intersect the the globalized age.

And finally, something pretty to try, to cleanse yourself of reading the internet too much this week.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Links (on Monday)”

  1. Love the Chanel video — if you have not yet seen them, you must watch the fantastic doc’s about Raf Simons at Dior (since fired) and Yves St Laurent.

    The Queen. You know I met her? JEWELS!

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