Weekend Links (New Years Edition)

“As life goes on it becomes tiring to keep up the character you invented for yourself, and so you relapse into individuality and become more like yourself everyday.”
― Agatha Christie, An Autobiography

By the time this goes live I’ll be in the country ringing in the New Year at a friend’s country estate. Not a word of that is exaggeration, kittens, and believe me I’m just as baffled as you as to how these things happen. I’m just grateful that they do. However, it must be said, that if no one is murdered (as I believe is customary for house parties in the country), I will consider the BBC and a large part of my childhood reading to be nothing but a bastion of lies.

Happy New Year, ducklings. It’s been a hell of a ride in 2015 and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where 2016 takes us. See you on the other side!

2015-12-23 16.34.01-1

Well that’s just positively heartwarming!

I finished the novel Girl Waits With Gun in one sitting (highly recommend), and was delighted to read more about the historical, true story and aftermath. The author’s website has more photos, plus slightly less inflammatory headlines–modern ones at least.

The Royal Ballet’s Nutcracker in 360!

I’m a bit in awe of this woman’s lifestyle.

National Geographic‘s photo competition entry shots are a delightful way to inject some wonder into your day.

Anglo Saxon London, quite a bit roomier than these days.

How US-based brands sell abroad.

And speaking of Refinery29, I’ve recently discovered they have some genuinely smashing YouTube series that are well worth checking out. The stories I have really enjoyed lately are the Style Out There series which looks at how people and places create unique fashion and lifestyle ideas. Start with this one on Tangiers and help me plan a vacation there immediately, and then check out this one on two Orthodox Jewish fashion designers.

A piece I enjoyed and which made me think a great deal about how changes in society influence changes in our storytelling. And vice versa.

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