Weekend Links

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Bit of an odd week with a loss in the family, the return of chronic sleeplessness, and battling the office cold. By Friday afternoon I felt I wasn’t even able to string sentences together coherently and (taking the advice of a co-worker) got permission to leave work a bit early and go home and to bed. Since my stress is usually proportional to how ordered my life is, I took the weekend to clean the house, do almost all our laundry, switch out my summer clothes for my cold weather ones, and do some proper food shopping and prep–all interspersed with copious amounts of internet-based time wasting and some just plain rest. The big news is that I finally managed to read the September issues of my magazines…which I hadn’t been able to touch until now.

Two days later I’m feeling recharged, just in time for Monday to hit. Luckily work is getting more balanced with the help of a lovely assistant I hired two weeks ago, and an interim sales manager who has seized the reins of her department with well-manicured and fabulously capable hands.

Here are your links, and tell me what’s happening in your worlds, kittens.

2015-10-24 14.45.34-1

Who’s afraid of the driverless car?

How does your ideal afterlife look to your personality type? (They nailed mine, ENTJ.)

Hilary scrunchies!

Punny Halloween costumes.

Practical answers to the existential headline question, “What is the point of a pug?”

Interesting look at Uniqlo, a brand I knew nothing about until I moved abroad but use as a go-to spot for jumpers.

An interview about the editor of Cosmo Middle East, being the editor of Cosmo Middle East. More fraught and interesting than I even suspected.

Well, this is right up my alley.

To make you (and me) think.

Took a page from Into the Gloss this week, and deep cleaned both my face and my house simultaneously, mud masks featured heavily.

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