Sunday Links

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Another long week, another needed weekend. I promise to write blog posts again in the near future, but I still have to clean the house, especially since we spent the afternoon at the market and then carting home my birthday present.

2015-05-17 15.22.20

Meet our new coffee table, once we varnish it and get some plexiglass to protect the top. Jeff tried to tell me I was a hipster, I told him if I were, I’d try to use it for actual traveling rather than nice interior design taste and practical storage. Here are your links, tell me what you’ve gotten up to this weekend!

Medieval graves are a thing we tend to track around here.

Also shipwrecks!

So if we could stop talking about the supposed crumbling of the family, that would be great. Unless you want to talk about the growing gap between education/opportunity vs. lack thereof, plus outmoded gender roles instead of egalitarian partnerships (also usually based on a degree of education or work privilege). Because I’d be all over that.

Fell into a Wiki rabbit hole a while back, and apparently this is a thing.

Tumblr find of the week.

Twitter find of the week–it’s alarming how much this feed speaks to me.

What the royals eat.

I have precisely zero desire to see this film, but apparently it’s raising all kinds of hell with people (mostly male) who seem to object to women. In general. Totally serious.

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