The Real Apple Store

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”
— Carl Sagan

As part of the Apple Day festivities, Borough Market set up one of the cleverest display exhibits I’ve seen in a while. Come and step into the REAL Apple Store!

 photo applestore1_zpsa7656c25.jpg

 photo applestore2_zpse62fd414.jpg

Now that’s just cheeky. The set up was made to deliberately mimic Apple Inc, down to the blue shirts of the display minders.

 photo applestore3_zpsa96bf79a.jpg

But rather than digital and electronics, the display was of 1000 varieties of apples, one for every year of Borough Market’s existence.

 photo applestore4_zps148bb9ec.jpg

 photo applestore5_zps00c6bf92.jpg

This apparently is the oldest recorded variety of apple in Britain, and it’s still around.

 photo applestore6_zps6e937037.jpg

We loved it. It was cute and clever and fun!

2 thoughts on “The Real Apple Store”

  1. What a clever idea! 🙂 I love making things with apples at this time of year. I recently got an amazing peeler/corer/slicer machine: it takes all the tedious work out of making apple pies, crumbles and applesauce!

    1. So clever. I know precisely what sort of kitchen tool you’re describing…and I lament my utter lack of kitchen to justify having one.

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