Cambridge Part 1: Open Days

“Bottled, was he?” Said Colonel Bantry, with an Englishman’s sympathy for alcoholic excess. “Oh, well, can’t judge a fellow by what he does when he’s drunk? When I was at Cambridge, I remember I put a certain utensil – well – well, nevermind.”
― Agatha Christie, The Body in the Library

I’d wanted to work with The Collaboreat ever since I heard Bethany was starting it up, so when they called for post ideas with an academic bent to celebrate back-to-school season, I pitched profiling the best eats in Cambridge. This was not entirely without self-interest. I’d wanted to go back to Cambridge for a while and Jeff had never been, it was the end of summer, and we were dying to get out of the city and spend some time together after his latest round of exams. So, those safely behind us, we picked a Saturday early last month and found a train deal.

 photo cambridge1_zps097da793.jpg

 photo cambridge2_zps2f472f36.jpg

In the great debate of which is better of the Oxbridge schools, my punt is firmly in the river Cam. My mother got a degree from there and I’m quite loyal. I also hoped to to attend and nearly got in. A single selecting academic said no, earning my everlasting rancor. But, thanks to Mum’s example of dogged determination to get yet another degree a bit later than typically done, I haven’t entirely ruled it out.

 photo cambridge4_zps3c85a717.jpg

 photo cambridge3_zps12c469b3.jpg

As it happened, we could not have picked a better day if we tried! By sheer dumb luck we ended up in Cambridge on an Open Day, where many of the sites of the city you couldn’t normally get into (certainly not without paying) were available to the public for free. The colleges pulled out their best wares for showing off and there were chances to wander through libraries and chapels and grounds to our hearts content.

 photo cambridge5_zps68ecf2bc.jpg

I have an unholy love of getting into places I shouldn’t. So…come take a peek around with me this week!

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