Friday Links

“Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.”
~John Shirley

A frustrating but largely good week and an insufficiently restful weekend coming on. We’ve got friends in town, I’ve got a check in the mail, and we had another nephew born yesterday! As Jeff is the youngest of five siblings, I married into a pre-exisiting bunch of nieces and nephews where previously (as not only the oldest sibling but the oldest cousin) I had none, and the posse has continued to grow deliciously. The Woodland clan makes cute kids.

2014-06-26 18.23.50
There have been a lot of random visits from the neighboring cat as well. More on this later.

This Is Glamorous has some gorgeous shots of the Dolce & Gabbana couture collection, shown in Capri, Part II here. Italian fashion isn’t my personal mainstay, but those gowns are stunning and look like they move beautifully.

In other fashion news, a mom wrote a letter to Lands End about some of the clothing choices offered for her daughters. The company listened. High fives all around! Next stop, more variation for boys too – choices all around! The company is getting some criticism for being “too late,” but I think they should get credit for 1) acknowledging the validity of a criticism and 2) turning around a solution quickly. Another criticism is that they are only responding to stop negative press, to which I kind of say, “So?” They’re a business and someone pointed out that their marketing was costing them. So they amended their marketing and product to both reduce a stereotype and widen their market. That’s not just the right thing to do, it’s good business practice.

A surprisingly SFW list of 600 years of slang words for, in slang, making the beast with two backs. A very important vote now, which of these should be brought back immediately?

Political speculation time, is Romney going to run again? I hope not, but what do you think?

Yes. More advertising campaigns like this, thanks.

H/t to Ruth for this hilarious article. When we were at Teri’s for dinner last weekend, we all had a fascinating discussion about social media and perception that was quite fun.

Gigi New York’s released their fall handbag line and colors (it’s summer, retailers, calm down!), and I have to say, I am crushing hard on that kelly green.

Wedding gowns of yore; some pretty, some whacky.

What one take on living off the grid looks like.

Everybody else can go home, THIS is the best Women Against Feminism parody.

I’m currently off sugar and hating it. It is a drug and it is addicting. But in the midst of withdrawals, I find this Buzzfeed post intriguing.

Jeff and I have been doing something slightly out of the ordinary for us this year: going to summer blockbuster movies…and enjoying them! It’s inspired a lot of heated debate over the future of the movie industry vs. other forms of media, specifically streaming video, so this piece caught my eye. Weigh in.

I would not at all mind coming across one of these.

To round off the week, a thought provoking piece from The Federalist. Who guards the guardians when we don’t acknowledge the guardians anymore?

6 thoughts on “Friday Links”

  1. Those Post-Its are adorbs!

    The clean eating challenge looks interesting. Too bad I loathe quinoa, kale and some of its other components. The larger issue is how to get 6-10 servings of vegetables into your system every day if you are not crazy about some of them…It does make a real difference to sub. in veg calories for those from other sources, for sure. And the no-alcohol thing is not much fun (obv.)
    I’ve noticed how my body reacts when I’ve taken in too much sugar (up 3x one night!) so that’s useful feedback — and 2 of those sources were carbs (corn and potatoes, not something I normally eat in combination!)

    1. Alanna turned me on to kale chips, but I haven’t found another form I like. But one week in and I’m keenly aware that I did not recognize the extent of my sugar problem! I’ve been having intense cravings and I can see how eating sugar led to other forms of snacking that have also been cut out. I can already tell it’s good for me, but it is not fun.

      1. And I am eating…a SMALL piece of cheesecake.

        I did a diet in 2010 that cut out all sugar. It was useful information.

        I hate kale in every iteration. Brrrrr. Broccoli, yes.

  2. 1. Hollywood is not even dying. Hollywood is making record-breaking numbers season after season.

    2. Copyright was and is a terrible idea. It should never have been a thing. I can go on about that one.

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