London Street Food Festival

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”
― Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance

On Friday after work, Jeff met me halfway home from the museum at Waterloo Bridge to grab some quick food before I dashed home and threw myself onto a pile of unexploded projects. The London Street Food Festival was on, meaning we could find some of the best food trucks in the city corralled into one area and offering up their wares for cheap. Also, that we could avoid cooking.

 photo streetfood2_zpse508fc2e.jpg

 photo streetfood1_zpsa3d88648.jpg

To hear is to obey.

The trucks and stalls were a wonderful hodgepodge of clever and creative, and boring but practical, but they all were hawking delicious wares. We combed through the offerings like the street food pros we are in record time.
 photo streetfood3_zps770a5127.jpg

 photo streetfood4_zpsfaf6c3aa.jpg

 photo streetfood6_zpsaa7b3e30.jpg

 photo streetfood7_zpsc22128c6.jpg

Jeff plumped for a Meatball and Chips from Cheeky Italian, which he inhaled as I dragged him back to the tube station so I could go home and get to work. He was a good sport about it, though, partly because we’d also snagged some truly impressive eats.
 photo streetfood8_zpsa0efec0b.jpg

I took home this pulled pork flirt from Dixie Union Soul Food. And it was magnificent.
 photo streetfood9_zps3b4b30de.jpg

2 thoughts on “London Street Food Festival”

    1. Good food is good food, and the more people who eat it the better! Just wish we’d been there on the same days to wolf down polish sausages and duck burgers!

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