Hat’s Off

“Every duke and earl and peer is here,
Everyone who should be here is here…”
– My Fair Lady

So…in continuing adjustment to new business and spousal paradigms, Jeff’s summer social activity for work this year will be at Ascot.

Spouses are not invited.

This might affect my marriage, kittens.

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5 thoughts on “Hat’s Off”

  1. What the hell is wrong with his employer? Really. This is really rude — didn’t it also leave you out of his Christmas party? How on earth do they justify such behavior?

    1. They did and I was put out about it then. This seems to be a nation wide British thing, but it still irks me. I’m wondering if things are different further up in the ranks of managers and partners (it wouldn’t surprise me), but they simply don’t assume that people at Jeff’s level are married.

      I know I was a child bride, but come on. We’ve been married for nearly five years! We’re considering getting me a ticket anyway and I’ll just buy a hat and tag along to spite them.

  2. Is this a largely British thing? I’m shocked. It could hardly be a matter of cost when the Christmas party required a tux. Isn’t the company (which I’ll withhold for privacy reasons) an American company? You should certainly stow away…

    Also dear, please do let me know when my wedding invitation has arrived. I’m curious how long post takes to get overseas.

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