Sunday In Paris: Museums, Towers, Hotel Rooms

“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.”
― Thomas Jefferson

On Sunday we woke up, packed our gear up in our hotel in Monmarte and hopped on the metro to meet up at Katie and Adam’s hotel…which was right next door to the Louvre! They were staying in the Le Meurice, a gorgeous 5-star establishment on the Rue de Rivoli across the street from the Tuileries gardens with amazing views that I took pictures of obnoxiously from their balcony windows on multiple occasions. Admittedly our own view wasn’t terrible, between the two of us, I think it’s safe to say we can brag a little about our locations (though Katie wins, hands down. Her suite was easily the most sumptuous, gorgeous one I’ve ever seen in my life and I would have snapped pictures of it if it wouldn’t have been so terribly weird to do so)!
 photo Paris_1_zps4e0af15e.jpg

Just around the corner from our hotel…
 photo Paris_2_zps33e49e0c.jpg
Just…outside the window of Katie’s hotel. I’m throwing in the towel here.

The British Museum may hold my heart, but the Louvre is still my favorite place on earth. You could spend days wandering its corridors – believe me, I’ve done it. But since this was a flying visit, Jeff and I planned our attack carefully. We took in the magnificent Greek and Roman statues (with a dose of Renaissance Italian thrown in for good measure) before heading to the Spanish, French, and Dutch masters.
 photo Paris_3_zps8eed4483.jpg
 photo Paris_4_zps7a2ff023.jpg

Later we reconvened for lunch at a lovely bistro before Jeff and I headed off to do the obligatory ogling of the Eiffel Tower and eating of crepes before taking a final turn around the city in the Spring sun.
 photo Paris_5_zpsfa368bc8.jpg
 photo Paris_7_zps3d027146.jpg

Finally, we all ended up back at Katie and Adam’s hotel suite. The boys relaxed a bit with watching basketball – which I will say nothing against, after all we were on vacation – and Katie and I went out for a pastry and chocolate run at the famous Angelina just down the Rue de Rivoli. We returned laden with delicious things and then all talked for hours until Jeff and I hopped back on the Metro (after one last photo opp out of Katie and Adam’s window) to head to the Gare du Nord and thence back to London.
 photo Paris_8_zps821d09b1.jpg
 photo Paris_8_zps40eed1bb.jpg
 photo Paris_6_zps1e016ee0.jpg

Never fear, the Paris posts are far from over. Come back this weekend after the Friday Links posts for tales of more crepes, celebrity sightings, and misadventures in map reading.

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