Palate Cleanser – Cute Animals! The Internets Demand Them!

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”
― Ret. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

I like impromptu Incendiary Mondays, I think I’ll keep them around – if nothing else, I’m delighted that the comments I get for them are so nuanced and insightful! I actively like being disagreed with by intelligent people who make their case well and force me to consider and defend my own. And since that’s what makes up the minion coterie, you brilliant, beautiful bunch, I’ll take advantage. Don’t expect to see it every week, but it’ll crop up from time to time. And by all means, let me know if you want to share your own opinions!

However, I think that anytime I do hurl such things into your midst, I’ll make sure that good, breach-closing things follow. My latest tour of London’s urban farm and agriculture scene appeared here last week, but if the internet has taught us anything it’s that we all love pictures of animals. So, to cleanse the argumentative palate, here are the adorable denizens of Vauxhall City Farm. Let brotherly love and harmony be restored. I brought bunnies.

 photo VCF1_zps8a3cce47.jpg
Read more about it in the link, but it’s an interesting place with a fascinating history!
 photo VCF2_zps092e8085.jpg
This thing was massive, regular sized rabbit in mid left for scale.
 photo VCF42_zps8cecc7bb.jpg
I fell rather in love with this duck. He had quite a waddle, er, strut.
 photo VCF4_zps28fc3a21.jpg
Goats and sheep abounded, some of which I’d seen on a previous adventure to the Southbank Centre.
 photo VCF6_zps410a7c10.jpg
We can agree this is adorable, yes?
 photo VCF7_zpsad1e560e.jpg
A rather imperious tom who demanded homage (in the form of feed) from visitors).
 photo VCF8_zpsd8d10eef.jpg
Has the cuteness healed us yet?!
 photo VCF5_zps26758c81.jpg
I save my greatest weapon for last. A pony sticking its tongue out for you. Let’s ignore whatever on earth the other one is doing…

There, balance is restored. What shall we argue about next?

(PS – the whole series can be found here if you’re interested. If not, disregard!)

2 thoughts on “Palate Cleanser – Cute Animals! The Internets Demand Them!”

  1. Is that porcine beauty an Oxford Sandy and Black? I happen to dream about importing that breed to the US to keep on my someday farm.

    1. I believe it is. I confess I don’t know much about breeds but I did find him utterly charming and think he would grace anyone’s someday farm!

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