Rio Grande By Way of the Thames

“You can all go to hell; I will go to Texas”
― David Crockett

Explaining the US can be tricky, especially since the truth is that in spite of our best endeavors, we really are in many ways a “nation” of separate countries. The word “state” was precisely chosen as a replacement for “colony” when our upstart ancestors declared independence because it meant a sole, sovereign entity.

Which makes for fascinating political philosophy, I hear you ask, but what’s the point? Well, having lived there once (and I admit it was largely a negative experience, though I wouldn’t mind trying out Austin since I’ve heard good things), my family and I sometimes joke that Texas at its heart really is a separate country altogether. London recently confirmed my suspicions by way of a chalk artist in Trafalgar Square.

Wait for it…

Unless of course they’ve actually gone through with the threats of some of their most disgruntled citizens and seceded lately? Have I missed an announcement?

7 thoughts on “Rio Grande By Way of the Thames”

  1. Well, they also gave Gibraltar and Extremadura their own flags, and referred to Bosnia & Herzegovina as just “Bosnia”…so perhaps it was a very political artist?

    “I’ll risk my life to fight for my cause! Viva Gibraltar! Viva Texas! And Herzegovina, get lost!”

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