Holiday Fair in Leicester Square

“In fact, my heart would break should you not take me to the fair.”
– Camelot

Last weekend my stir-crazy-ness caused me to pester Jeff nearly to distraction. I needed a reason, any reason, to get out of the house. But he was exhausted and my brain was broken from freelancing, so it took us an absurdly long time to come up with the most basic of date ideas: the movies. And thus is was that we saw Catching Fire, which we both liked.

But thus it also was that we got to take in an additional holiday feast for the eyes.

Jeff’s a Western boy, fairs in his mind are strictly warm weather affairs, but I remember seasonal festivities from my childhood in Germany fondly and was pretty thrilled to drag him through it – even though he mumbled a bit about the natural order being overthrown, etc.

2013-12-06 19.03.19

2013-12-06 19.04.24
The carousel was delightful.
If Amy were here, I'm positive this chicken would be her trusty mount.
If Amy were here, I’m positive this chicken would be her trusty mount.
2013-12-06 19.02.28
I loved the lights designed to look like mistletoe bunches. If ever I give up my gypsy ways and have a house with a yard (unlikely), I’ll have to recreate the look.

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