Friday Links (Slightly Grumpy Edition)

“The night is the hardest time to be alive and 4am knows all my secrets.”
― Poppy Z. Brite

This week has been frantic, kittens! Some major freelance projects (websites, social media campaigns, political/economic theory research, oh my!) have meant a series of very late nights for me. Jeff and I started going back to the gym and my muscles are throwing a lactic acid temper tantrum accordingly. Also I received my annual reminder why you should never engage in the comments in most forums – occasionally I forget this essential life skill and need a refresher course. I’m really quite tired and just a teeny bit crabby. On the other hand, the links this week are pretty fun and should perk even a sourpuss like me right up while I get a couple more big projects done before the weekend starts.

Fun little insight into your Facebook postings.

Damn it, science!

How posh are you? “Science” has a way to quantify anything.

An unbelievably good story from an unbelievably hellish place.

This week’s I Want To Go To There is…

If you can get past the sometimes hilarious amounts of body oil, I found this post on a book about the bodies of Olympic Athletes to be pretty interesting. I’m very much from the “fit looks different on every body differently” perspective, but it was interesting to see how different trainings for different events and athletic careers mold bodies in totally different ways.

Job hunting mantras!

Leonardo da Vinci invented what I believed is scientifically classified as A Freaking Lot of Stuff. I’ve been really lucky to see many of his artistic works and I’m tangentially familiar with many of his experimental inventions and inquiries. But I am downright mad that it took us 500 years to follow up with this particular idea because it’s gorgeous.

I knew about the lighthouse beacons, but I didn’t know anything about these.

Winter is coming, pumpkins. I’ve bought and lit the spice and citrus smelling candles, and it’s actually near freezing some mornings. As an ode, here’s some beautiful close ups of snowflakes – h/t to Jessica!

I profiled one of his videos a while back, but Thug Notes has become one of my favorite YouTube channels. Jeff found an interview with the creator and it’s worth a read.

Love this design upgrade at Cup of Jo – it should inspire me to do something with our flat, but mostly it convinces me I don’t have a designer’s flair at all!

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