Friday Links (A Blustery Day Edition)

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”
― Roger Miller

Just a few this week because it’s a very blustery and rainy day and I’m behind on projects that must get done before the weekend. Jeff and I will take but a quick evening break tonight to wander down Regent Street, now positively awash in yuletide goodness. Since we’re past bonfire night and Thanksgiving is rather up in the air, it’s seasonally appropriate. Next up, Christmas carols! …Also, I should probably get shopping…

A while back we brought you Star Wars as done by Shakespeare, I’ll now just leave this right there.

Columns – written and otherwise.

Thoughts on writing and rewriting from The Lady. Helpful in trying to produce a first draft.

Twitter feed find, if the Tudors tweeted. (Woof, say that five times fast.)

This headline. Guys, this headline! (#AndMyAxe)

To say that words fail me would be inadequate. On the other hand, a guy from the state I just moved is achieving a degree of internet notoriety for offering $5,000 to anyone who introduces him to the woman he eventually marries. Love is not dead!

Far overdue, but good!

My retail temptation store has followed me across the Atlantic. Is nowhere safe?!

One thought on “Friday Links (A Blustery Day Edition)”

  1. The ugly and inevitable truth of writing a book, whatever genre, is endless, endless, endless revision. Even as Malled was going into production at the publisher, we were making last-minute tweaks and changes. Everyone wants writing to be FUN. Um, sometimes. The cliche is true – I love having written (and published.) Writing? Not always so much.

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