Friday Links (Lady of the Manor Edition)

“Hands up if you’re ready to do something you’ll regret this weekend. Go forth! You have my blessing.”
― Florence Welch

Ah summer.

My work pace has been frantic the last week, minions. Traveling to Virginia, doing last minute reporting projects, trying to cram in months of advance work for one client before I take August off for the move, and so on.

And this coming week we have to redo some travel plans because the first phase of our visa application has been approved and came with specific travel dates for us to use (which of course everyone refused to tell us before so that we could plan accordingly). I may have to fly back at some point so because J. and I will probably have to make our biometric application together. It’s never ending.

Peaches and cream pies ready to go.
Peaches and cream pies ready to go.

But I like the busyness. On top of work and moving I’ve been keeping house for Mum, doing my level best to get into jogging (so far sticking with it but hating every second of it), missing J., and planning adventures. Marie and her husband are coming down for the weekend (huzzah!) starting today, so I’ve starting cooking up a storm to keep us fed and make sure all we’ll have to worry about is deciding between local summer weekend festivities, or going someplace like Charlottesville instead. We may even start harvesting some honey this weekend – Dad’s beekeeping has become prolifically successful! I might be an average housekeeper but I am a pretty impressive hostess when I put my mind to it.

Here are your links, tell me what you’re getting up to for the last week of June – and where is the year going, by the way?! My neglect of you is ended and I have all sorts of Virginia backwoods posts coming your way to keep you entertained, so stay tuned.

Know your place… settings.

Know your place…names.

Nerds of all types: You. Are. Welcome.

So, how accurate? Mine said I like rocky relationships and tend to end up with disastrous boyfriends. Nope! One “bad boy” boyfriend in high school fixed that, and I married (as you know) a pretty awesome guy. On the other hand, it said I love problem solving and projects. Check and check (as I plan my house deep cleaning schedule for the week…).

Love live the (front man of) Queen.

State Senator Wendy Davis from Texas is a bad ass, and I will brook no argument here today. The reviews of her justifiably famous pink sneakers on alone back me up on this.

Speaking of, inquiring (and somewhat bizarrely prioritized, but whatever) minds wanted to know.

Have you been selecting your Camembert cheese wrongly all these years? Quelle horreur!

Ascot has come and gone once again. Here’s the headgear rundown.

Something to make you weep, in a good way.

Great authors getting hitched.

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