Friday Links (Virginia is for lovers, edition)

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

Kittens, I’m in Virginia!

It’s dark green and lush and humid. Dad and I stopped by our land on the way home to feed the dogs and I watched the fireflies showing off as the light faded and the birds and frogs went crazy with song. Alas there was no sign of the giant owl that has taken up residence since our beaver disappeared (no correlation known). Deer trotted across the country roads as we made our way to the house. I am officially back in the woods.

I want to do about a million things at once – take pictures of all the various early 19th century houses around her, in various states of disrepair, romp with the dogs, go for a run, play the piano for the first time in months, and clean out the fridge (I am taking my household management assignment very seriously). Unfortunately I lost all yesterday to traveling and must work – I only managed to drag my sorry hide out of bed an hour ago. The state of me should have induced Frankenstein-esque, “IT’S ALIVE” choruses from all and sundry but thankfully no one was around. Here are your links!

Two more months, two more months, two more months….

Further proof that our society might be chronically sleep deprived.

Kanye West, the quotable gift that keeps on giving.

Old news at this point, but worth reading up on.

We didn’t choose the (comfy) thug life, it chose us.

So. London. Not as safe as we thought?

Branding and beauty. An interesting look at how marketing changes habits and rituals. I admit I probably won’t be changing my own habits anytime soon, but still pretty thought provoking.

Nerdy tumblr find of the week, featuring medieval books and particularly the doodles in them. I’ve said it a million times but what I love most about history is that people have always been essentially the same. I wrecked my university notebooks during some lectures, and so did monks apparently.

To feed J.’s addiction.


Ascot is sartorial Mecca. Whether you’re looking for something to laugh at, admire, or covet, Ascot’s got it.

(Skip this one, Dad.)In Soviet Russia, tampon commercials are…slightly more intense. We have those ludicrous ones of women dressed in white doing athletic stuff. Russia doesn’t have time for that.

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