Friday Links (Almost 27 Edition)

“If you care about what you do and work hard at it, there isn’t anything you can’t do if you want to.”
― Jim Henson

Ain't no party like a Small Dog Party.
Ain’t no party like a Small Dog Party.

Still working away over here. That long weekend was just what I needed – unfortunately I feel like I need another one now. I’m a terrible ingrate.

Luckily this weekend is my birthday, and I’ll officially be in my late 20’s. Surely that means maturity and wisdom will be descending any day now…right?  Here are your links, and have a good weekend. Let me know what you’re up to!

Are your lives insufficiently shiny lately? Never fear. Also, who the hell swims in $75,000 diamonds?

I heartily approve. I’m hoping the trend continues towards women’s fashion as well. I honestly believe that the reason the clothing of yesteryear still appeals to us, aside from the fact that they used better quality materials than the vast majority of “fast fashion” clothes we have these days, is because the clothes fit the wearer. Instead of simply ordering everything in predetermined sizes, you would either make your own clothes or have clothes made for you, your shape, your size. There is nothing like individual tailoring to make a person look put together and even nice, high quality clothing doesn’t benefit you if it doesn’t fit you right. /rant

I’m afraid to share this because J. might insist on a road trip.

PBS for the win!

Dame Helen Mirren steps in.

So, can I blame the Jazz Age for the fact that my husband parcels the year into very distinct and separate sports seasons? It’s the equivalent of a liturgical calendar to the man!

It might be declasse, but I say rock on, Lady Canarvon. Those estates don’t pay for themselves anymore, now that serfs and farm mechanization have brought them down – the inconveniences of upstart peasants! In the words of another of Julian Fellowes characters, Lady Uckfield (from my favorite guilty pleasure novel Snobs), “Running a house like Broughton, or Feltham for that matter, is just slog once the gilt’s worn off. It’s paperwork and committees. It’s arguing with English Heritage inspectors who all hate you for living there and want to make everything as difficult for you as they possibly can. It’s pleading with government departments and economising on the heating. Those houses are fun to stay in. Even ‘London Ladies’ like that. But they’re hard, hard work to own.”

Is no food safe to eat!?

Stop perpetuating these lies!


For the occasional moment of crushing doubt.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links (Almost 27 Edition)”

  1. One really can’t help but respect Lizzie T for her ability to get dat ice, can they?

    Fun fact: My grandpa “invented” a sandwich that is essentially a grilled cheese/Fluffernutter hybrid. Sounds grosser than it actually is, but maybe that’s my weird pregnancy cravings kicking in…

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