Friday Links (Severely Run Down Edition)

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
― David Mamet, Boston Marriage

stress-antistresskitThe good news: it’s not mono or strep throat. Yes, I got myself checked out this week because I’m still not over being sick. The bad news is that the doctor confirmed what I already knew, “There’s nothing really wrong except you’re badly in need of rest.” $35 copay for that advice. Blerg.

On the other hand, my dating approach to furniture sales is working! Sold my beloved exercise bike Harley yesterday, and someone is coming to check out the shelving unit we’ve used as a TV stand this afternoon. Tomorrow our mattress and boxspring will be hauled away. We hope. Please, universe, send our couches some suitors!

It’s also graduation day which means the population of people on campus (already in the multiple tens of thousands) has effectively doubled and everyone is getting in accidents, getting tickets, and getting in fistfights over parking spaces. The entire town is virtually shut down due to traffic and I haven’t actually been in my office since before one due to running errands. And I still have to pack up another car load of things for J. to haul to store away properly and get some freelance assignments done (why don’t people answer emails?!). As you can tell things are just a bit frantic over here so here are you links and let’s talk later, k thanks bye.


Kind of a hilarious photo gallery. I find teenage determination to refuse to enjoy anything hysterically funny now, but I know I was just as bad a perpetrator as any of them.

As the lifelong human companion of a particularly valiant and devoted teddy bear (who incidentally linked up with me the day I was born and to this day sleeps on my bed and is transported in my carry-on luggage because I will not trust her to baggage claim – and regarding all of this I have no shame whatsoever) I heartily approve this Facebook post.

A very smart adult literacy campaign.

Ever wondered who makes the Queen’s headgear? Wonder no more.


Semi-funny photo aside, it’s amazing to think about

Interesting article about confidence in general and women in particular (in response to that Dove ad that took over my Facebook page for a few days). Thoughts?

I am an unabashed Game of Thrones fan. Here’s a fun piece about creating the languages for the series – bet you didn’t know we’ve all be pronouncing Khaleesi wrong.

If ever I design my own house, I am definitely throwing in some hidden nooks and crannies.

3 thoughts on “Friday Links (Severely Run Down Edition)”

  1. Ah, so many good ones this week. I especially loved the first article – I’ve seen evidence of the effectiveness of high volume speech exposure as my own son learns syntax. The more I narrate what’s going on in his world, the faster he learns.

    The adult literacy campaign was also excellent.

    1. Very interesting! I had a funny vision of myself carrying a spawn in the nebulous future going, “Now we’re walking to the fridge, now mummy’s taking out orange juice. Do you like orange juice?” and thinking it sounded ridiculous. And then I thought, “Duh. How exactly would it learn otherwise?”

      Luckily we both like to talk so our kids are going to be scary successful, right? 😉

      1. Heh, you basically just described my day. “Do you need a bum change? Yes you do! See this diaper? It has Mickey Mouse on it! It goes on your bum! We need the wipes! Where are the wipes? Here they are! Okay, lie down. Good job. Hold still, please. Thank you! All done! Diaper goes in the garbage. Okay! Wash hands! Now we can play!”

        I don’t know what’s sillier… the way I sound, or how habitual it’s become for me to speak that way. But hey, it works! 🙂

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