Friday Links (“Constant Vigilance!” Edition)

Always strive to excel, but only on weekends.
~ Richard Rorty

Yep. Still true.
Yep. Still true.

This week was long. My trainee requires constant supervision and the universe seems determined to keep me from getting my personal projects done in other ways too. We received a phone call out of the blue yesterday asking to see our flat, and when I stated that I had not advertised it, the caller said, “Oh, yeah, I got your number from your managers.” A conversation about private information and the sharing thereof needs to happen, I think. In any event we spent over an hour cleaning frantically and in the end the prospective renter never even showed up. Two and a half weeks, twelve business days…

Here are your links and tell me what you’re up to this weekend in the comments! We’re going to start the first phase of deep cleaning and packing up for our move and I am going to get my work done! All I’ve managed are phone calls and a few pdfs and this changes now – Saturday at sunrise we attack!

As we get closer to it’s release, I’m not sure that the latest incarnation of The Great Gatsby will actually be good (and this from a woman who adores Carey Mulligan). But I am sure that the sets are going to blow me away, and I’m already drooling over the costumes from the previews. What say the minions – eager to see it or not so much?

Language is much trickier than most people think. I took a psychology class in high school where the teacher explained how it’s possible to fake out your brain by simply putting syllables together that sound correct but are actually meaningless. Here’s the fabulous John Cleese to demonstrate. Bonus fun! Turn on the closed captions and watch it try, poor thing, to do its job.

Photos from lavish New York private homes during the first half of the last century.

I have many questions about North Korea and what goes on there…but I admit, in the Trivial Category, why soldiers are wearing these tops the list. I thought this was only a thing in comic books and films where the director has no desire to portray reality. (Sidenote, heeled boots happened in The Avengers, and not just for Black Widow, and I was disappointed in Whedon.)

As a Gemini, I call BS. Although I find it funny because J. is a Scorpio, because of the two of us he’s the one with the best chance at a decently lucrative career. You can tell exactly how much stock I put in this sort of thing, but I can never resist checking my horoscope in magazines just for kicks.

Hat tip to Savvy, this tumblr is hysterical.

I’m suspicious of any hotel that doesn’t show pics of the bed and bathrooms. Doubly so here.

This is a really clever campaign. Oh, you don’t get it? Quick, to Netflix!

Cats have taken over everything, we must accept it.

The semi-occasional sheep, demonstrating how I generally feel about life and being overwhelmed at this moment.

4 thoughts on “Friday Links (“Constant Vigilance!” Edition)”

  1. Great Gatsby previews kinda trip me out. Seems like a cinematic experience, though maybe a bit too much. Leo is the only thing that could potentially get me to see that. I just still remember being bored to death by that book in high school. Same story as far too many others and Count of Monte Cristo does it far better.

    I presume with the Lego hotel the reason why they don’t show you the room is because you “get to” build them yourself. When you sign the contract, I’m sure you’re also signing away your life as an indentured Lego servant.

    For another entertaining ad: I didn’t know KMart still had money let alone a sense of humor.

  2. I don’t like Gatsby’s bedroom at all! Looks like a hotel, and not a very good one. I have strong memories of the 70s version with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford. It was gorgeous.

    Legoland — don’t get me started! A friend’s young son competed to become a Legoland ambassador here in NY (he’s 8) and was SO excited….and the day it opened here, the kids were treated like chattel and the “Imagination Box” they’d been promised for months was the cheapest, nastiest ripoff I have ever seen. I love Legos — but this really destroyed any fantasy I had they are a decent corporate player.

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