Friday Links LXI

“Fridays are the hardest in some ways: you’re so close to freedom.”
― Lauren Oliver

Today is family photo day – and the weather is threatening rain. The photographer (an insanely talented woman who was once a roommate of my sister-in-law’s) has been the family’s go to photographer for well over a decade now and she really is phenomenal. But she’s also almost unnaturally optimistic about weather conditions…we’ll see if her predictions beat the weatherman’s.

Brace for incoming rejections!
Brace for incoming rejections!

In honor of the day, I trotted myself to my stylist over lunch yesterday and had her chop off nearly six inches of hair and I feel free. A couple times a year I’m suddenly seized by the desire to rid myself of all the previous six month’s work of my follicles and I’ve yet to regret it. This weekend I’ve got a dinner at my in law’s, a dinner at my godparents’, an event in the city, and I’m going to send out my first pitch in over two years. Once more into the breach! Let me know what you’re up to in the comments and here are your links:

Great gallery.

My people! I’ve gobbled up Nancy Pearl’s books in particular and have found many favorite books and authors through her.

So, this vegan “leather” jacket is singing a siren song to me. Curse you, shopping ban!

Ah, I have wondered about manners in the digital age. A recent post by the estimable Caitlin Kelly led me down a quick personal meditation on simple manners and going out of your way for people – and the link is well worth a read. I’ve noticed a few trends in the past few years at the PD, but I’m wondering if the minion coterie has opinions (and you always have opinions, don’t you, darlings?) on how people think about interacting with others, particularly as we have more and more ways of doing so with less and less formalized rules.

Vice investigates cat conspiracy theories. I would shake my head, but PD work has convinced me that there are some people out there who are convinced the world is out to get them and concrete is evidence of the government’s involvement.

Infomercials, and more importantly the seemingly incompetent people who star in them, amuse me.

Unsure how you rank in the British class system? The BBC is here to help.

This illustrator decided to take Disney princesses and make their costumes slightly more period accurate. The Maid Marian is hands down my favorite for unexpectedness, and it was also her April Fool’s joke this year.

So. Dr. Suess had this thing for hats

Holy. Hell. This is frightening, and the next person who tells me rape culture doesn’t exist is getting this link. When children understand what it is and how to use it as a weapon, it’s time to admit our society has a problem.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links LXI”

    1. It turns out, excellent education and culture notwithstanding, I’m a prole! But I’m determined not to be defeatist about it because, as the Dowager Countess says, “It’s very middle class.” 😉

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