Meteorology and Housekeeping

“The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.”
~ Patrick Young


The last two days have been gorgeous – hands down the brightest, clearest, warm-but-still-comfortably-cool-est days in months.  Couples were draped across each other all over the campus lawns, disregarding the still prickly and half brown grass in a desperate attempt to soak up as much Vitamin D as physically possible before the inevitable downward trend (which assures me is imminent).  Skirts and trousers were rolled up to expose pasty legs in need of color, inviting the usual commentary from the self-righteous.  Students were playing lawn games and screeching like children.  It’s as bad as Britain around here, the sun comes out and we go bonkers!

Alas I got to admire all this from behind the windows of the county buildings, my office, and the student center.  I am really looking forward to my summer of transitional employment: I plan to tramp around in the woods and eat outdoors as much as possible.

As to more practical matters, I’d resolved to put in some serious time and effort to become more tech-savvy and multiple-medium capable during this same hedonistic summer, but Google is beating me to the punch.  Google Reader is going away and I need something to replace it with.  I’ve already checked out Netvibes and Bloglovin’ but I’m interested in a broad base of commentary.  Techie minions to the front (Savvy and Venice, query your husbands too) and tell me what apps, tools, and services you use that I – but a novice in the ways of all things current – need to know!

4 thoughts on “Meteorology and Housekeeping”

  1. Val loves to read the webcomic XKCD. He says there are some that even he doesn’t get (I feel like I maybe get half of them), but he’s made a really good habit of looking up what he doesn’t get. Plus, every Tuesday, the guy answers bizarre science and math questions that his readers send in, and in ways I can understand. It’s worth checking out. I’ll ask Val if he has any ideas for you and let you know. Also, were’t we going to talk last weekend or something? And why isn’t it still last weekend?!

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