Friday Links LVII

“And then a throb hits you on the left side of the head so hard that your head bobs to the right…There’s no way that came from inside your head, you think. That’s no metaphysical crisis. God just punched you in the face.”
Andrew Levy, A Brain Wider Than the Sky: A Migraine Diary

Minions, well beloved minions – I wish I had something clever to say, but alas.  After a productive if long day, I headed to the gym last night and about halfway through a zumba class a migraine descended.  I went straight home and to bed, but woke up still feeling like an axe had split my skull so everything was a bit wibbly today.

On a brighter note, J. perked me up with tickets to a really great exhibit in the city this evening and we went to a favorite restaurant as well.  There is nothing that museums, food, and drugs don’t fix.  This weekend I have MP projects, house projects, career projects – so many projects!  Gearing up for a move and trying to get a few professional irons in the fire; it goes from exciting to daunting (sometimes in the space of seconds).  What projects do the minion coterie have going currently?  Share in the comments and here are your links:

What a development!

I for one choose death.

A poem about bullying was turned into a short film by dozens of animators working in different styles.  The result is beautiful, and horrible at once.

Missed connections adds from across the country totaled up for data.  I always loved reading these on the free newspapers you can pick up on the tube in London, most of them were horrifically bad.  What’s the most common venue in your state?

Can you imagine finding one of these?  Just lying around?!

A fascinating (and sad) photo project.  The stories in those cases…

This, I imagine smells…dreadful.

Today is International Women’s Day, and this month is the centennial of a march of suffragettes on Washington DC.  Sidenote, I learned in school but had forgotten that Mississippi didn’t ratify the 19th amendment until 1984 – what gives?!

This NPR segment is well worth the listening, because it will totally knock you for a loop!  Summertime just sounds WRONG that way.

Separating the weekly sheep from the goats.

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