“It’s a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”
– Hellen Keller

Five days in with contact lenses and I vacillate between thinking they’re gifts from the gods and instruments of purest torture.  I’ve given up mascara entirely out of sheer fright that I’ll paint the town black, or possibly jab unwittingly at the lens and have it pop off into space never to be seen of more.  The sensation around my iris that feels like nothing so much as a freak, circular eyelash is taking some getting used to.  And J.’s newest form of entertainment is to watch me wrestle with my eyelids muttering curses while I try to make the things stick and offer unhelpful tips – which I find more than a little annoying.

On the other hand, I can see.  Which demonstrates the ingratitude of the whole human race, I think.



4 thoughts on “Ingrate”

      1. Hmm. Well, in your current climate, I would stay as far away from Proclear and PureVision as humanly possible. Acuvue Oyasis is meh. I’ve been wearing Ciba AirOptix for the past month, and they’ve been the best I’ve tried so far.

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