Friday Links LIII

“There aren’t enough days in the weekend.”
~ Rod Schmidt

funny-yay-walk-unhappy-grumpy-dog-picsIt’s been another week of lunches mostly at my desk, except for Thursday when a lovely friend rescued me and dragged me to the university art museum – which is really quite an impressive place with an extensive collection, but for the point here also contains the best cafe on campus.  A great and much needed interlude in a week filled with a lot of rejection (entirely vicarious, but it’s odd how it still smarts and still feels disheartening), and a bunch of changes at work, but that’s another blog post.

I’m tired, and grumpy, and not much feeling like myself, which is always a chore to get out of – like trudging through a pit of glue.  The mere thought of cooking dinner fills me with a churlishness fearsome to behold.  My weekend to do list feels acres long and two days to do it all in feels ridiculously short.  I am, minions, in short, out of sorts.

I proscribe myself tea and taking projects one at a time.  There’s nothing tea doesn’t fix.  Here are your links, amuse yourselves:

Do women worry more about “haters,” and should they?

How gorgeous are these folia wallpapers?

Holy crud, what a story!

I’d go to a Ministry of Defense dinner in a Tudor wine basement in a heartbeat.

For the Lady Mary lovers out there.

Look at these shots of Dutch tulip fields!

Curry – sustaining desperate people since long before midterm cramming and last minute dinners.

It’s official, Richard III has been found!  The whole story behind his body’s discovery is incredible, from finding the skeleton on the first day of the dig, to the confirmation of physical deformity that scholars have debated as being either truth or Tudor propaganda.  History nerds, revel in the awesomeness.

We’re all about the genderswapping here at Small Dog Inc., it allows us to pretend we’re like Shakespeare.

Ahem, Mr. President.

My childhood is a lie!

Here’s the story of two girls who left the Westboro Baptist Church.  Putting aside my own feelings about that organization, which are far from cordial, the tale of these girls and their journey from absolute truth to uncertainty is really powerful.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links LIII”

  1. I love that pale gray striped wallpaper. I want to put it on my bedroom wall behind a vase of yellow yarrow flowers.

    Also, I really admire the author of the WBC article for his gentleness and understanding of Miss Phelps-Roper. I hope I could have shown her the same compassion, were I in that situation.

    1. Agreed. I’m not sure what I expected when I first found that article, but it surprised me. I found it a generous (dare I say sad) story of a sort of “fall from grace,” a journey out of the secluded and sterile garden into the bigger, infinitely better, but still much less certain world. I’m beyond thrilled those girls are out of the WBC, since I think it’s a hateful, evil organization in every respect – but the world must be a strange place for them now.

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