Friday Links LII

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter.  Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.” 
~ Andrew Wyeth

Calendar-02-February-q75-1839x1347So, a couple days ago I was begging benign forces to just let me make it to April, which seemed like an awfully long way off, and bam!  Suddenly I looked up and it’s February already.  Either my prayers were answered or I have a very slippery grip on the reality of space/time interactions.  Probably the latter.

Anyway, I like February.  It’s a quirky little month that likes to throw people off with how short it is – clearly, we’ve got something in common.  It’s also the month of Chip and Dip For Three Meals Sunday (the Superbowl), the excuse to have a really fancy dinner (Valentine’s Day), and the Small Dog Annual Couture Smackdown (the Oscars).  Delightful things to look forward to, yes minions?  Here are your links:

Girls and their cooties ruin all the boys’ fun.

Very cute short film nominated for an Oscar.  (This one is still my favorite romantic short ever.)

So, most of our friends long ago left our university town for bigger things which should mean we’re not doing anything for the Superbowl, right?  Wrong, minions!  Honestly, don’t you know us at all?  We’re throwing a two person party complete with pizza and homemade dips and salsa.  Anyone left in the area is welcome to just show up, throw yourself on the sofas, and indulge.  J. is also hilariously excited about this relatively new tradition.  Which doesn’t help our puppy lust.

For a variety of reasons, personal and political, I want about fifty copies of this.  I want to paper whole walls with it!

Another useful thing to hang on a wall, since I can never remember the exchanges.

One of the strangest things to watch is how a word or idea with a certain definition takes on a new meaning within a group.  I have personal fascination with the word “modesty” when used by various religious groups – it’s anthropologically engrossing and personally discomforting to see how a word originally describing a behavior or mindset has come to refer to how long hems or sleeves are, almost solely for women.

I want this gorgeous candle in several equally gorgeous scents.

Let’s talk sparkles!

This article comes recommended by Peregrine, and is doubly hilarious to me because recently I was channel surfing to find something to watch while I folded laundry and flicked through a station where one of Suze Orman’s programs was playing.  I only got a sentence fragment: “I realized that all the financial advice I’ve given is wrong -”  And yet, somehow, people are still paying her to give it.

Caitlin Kelly, friend and favorite of the blog, shared this on Facebook and I giggled mightily at it.

My father hiked the the Grand Teton (edited: corrected by Dad)  when I was young and we were living in Germany.  Apparently somewhere along the way, a marmot chewed through his knapsack and ate his trail mix.  In commemoration, he bought me a plush toy marmot that I’m pretty sure is still tucked away safely somewhere.  Where my father failed to bond with the beasts, this boy did not!

The weekly sheep.

3 thoughts on “Friday Links LII”

  1. Isobel liking her own status… classic.

    Thank you for bringing Signs into my life. I was grinning like an idiot the entire time.

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