Friday Links XLVI (Yep, stil alive)

Christmas is for children. But it is for grownups too. Even if it is a headache, a chore, and nightmare, it is a period of necessary defrosting of chill and hide-bound hearts.
– Lenora Mattingly Weber, Extension

You guys do know I continue on the back, right?  No?  Oops...
You guys do know I continue on the back, right? No? Oops…

The world didn’t end, the zombies didn’t rise, and nothing came through any portal.  Alas!  We’re just getting through the last couple of hours before the Christmas holiday officially kicks of.  I have girl dates with Venice and Angel (both visiting from out of town) this weekend and then we spend Monday and Tuesday being cheerfully bossed about by nieces and nephews – as the sole purpose for our existence is to amuse them, and we know it!  What are your Christmas plans, my pumpkins?

Who did the paperwork on this?!

What do you think of this list, anything important missed?  (I’m trying to streamline my life here, with a move coming up.)


This Pintrest board is fantastic!

This tumblr is equal in fantastic-ness.

Holiday party dresses are clearly on my mind.  This one is honestly more my style, but this one is calling to my inner flapper with it’s sparkly siren song…

On the flight to my parents house I read a fabulous article in the airline’s magazine (an underrated publication, I feel) that I had to share!  …Classic me, I wrote down the title and promptly lost it.  But thanks to the magic of the internets, voila.  Tell me what you think I really enjoyed the piece (I also want to befriend her so I can go to her summer luncheons).

Last minute gift that also does good?  Have no fear.

Anyone else think the price tag is, shall we say, a bit much?

So, moment of shameless bragging.  The other week someone said that J. looked like a mix between Jonathan Rhys Meyer and Benedict Cumberbatch.  You can imagine the smugness – coupled with feeling suddenly okay with having children someday as those are some genes that clearly need to be passed on.  I also have a friend (Scarlett) who is an absolute dead wringer for Alessandra Ambrosia, go figure.  These  are also pretty impressive.

This is very interesting to me, and I’m curious as to your thoughts, minions.  There seems to be, in some spheres, a bit of a backlash against the omnipresence of media and instant availability, particularly with social media.  I know a lot of people who are dialing back their online profiles and involvement, many report feeling happier and having a great deal more time on their hands.  Do you guys think this is a broader trend? Good or bad?  Let me know what you think!

The weekly sheep, courtesy of the other blog.

3 thoughts on “Friday Links XLVI (Yep, stil alive)”

  1. Great selection this week! I actually looked at all of them. Loved the Pinterest pics and the gorgeous dresses. Buy both! 🙂 The coop is a little Marie Antoinette, je pense.

    As for turning off digital devices and actually being with people, I’ve noticed (age? good manners?) that no one one I know ever turns on their device or looks at it when we are together eating or talking. If you have made the choice to be in someone’s company, be with them! It’s beyond rude to turn to some other tool unless it’s an absolute emergency.

  2. Fabulous list this week! At the university I swore I saw just about every person’s doppleganger. And I completely ate up the airline article!

    My husband and I are pretty anti cell phone. We have one, and use it sparingly-mostly so we can be reached if our children are not with us. I hate it when friends come over and can’t stop checking their phone and texting people claiming all sorts of reasons. The one I find most ironic is that they don’t want the person to feel like the other texter is being ignored. It’s almost to the point where I want a cell phone basket at the door for people who visit.

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