Friday Links XLV (Don’t Want to Live On This Planet Edition)

“Exhaustion and exasperation are frequently the handmaidens of legislative decision.”
Barber B. Conable

headdeskI’ve been a bit distant this past while, and for once it’s not because I am lazy.  There was a bit of a… community kerfuffle that happened that I (naturally) am involved in that’s been going down .  And to be honest, it was stinging, exhausting, embittering, and generally just very tough.  So I took a break from other projects to focus, to deal, and to rest when I needed it.  Phone calls with friends (shout out, Savvy) and parents helped, J. helped, and all was fine.  Or it will be.

And then a man shot and killed many children today and I’m trying really hard not to feel generally depressed about the state of humanity as a group.

Here are your links.  Let’s send kind thoughts to people who have been hurt, in whatever way, and remember that Advent is a wonderful time for rest, renewal, healing, and general goodwill.  Even when it’s hard.

I’ve been around guns my whole life, my family owns several, my father taught me to hunt and to care for and clean firearms before he ever put that first dinky single shot tube in my hands.  J. and I have discussed gun ownership for the future.  And I say gun control is a topic that desperately needs more informed discussion and less inflamed rhetoric.

London, London, mere months ’til London…  London really is getting me through.  If anything yanks it out from under me, you will find me catatonic in the fetal position somewhere.  I have no faith in anything this week…

I need to be able to buy this for someone (preferably someone who’s read the book and is just as adoring of it as I am).


I’m about a foot too short to join the team, but I still thought this was fun.

The Australian PM made my day with this one.

Inform yourselves, offenders!

Thoughts on this?  I think it’s rather hideous.

My inner Indian Jones is getting all it-belongs-in-a-museum twitchy over this, but how nifty is this story?

Someday I vow to build this (or something strongly akin to it) for my children!  (Who am I kidding, totally for me!  “Where’s Mummy got to?”  “Oh, just Narnia.”)

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