Friday Links XXXIII

“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I’ll drink to that…”
– Rhianna

Thank goodness for the end of the  week, muffins.  I’m tired and I want to watch Götterdämmerung tonight in my pajamas and a big football game tomorrow (we’re pancultural like that).  Also, I really should clean the house at some point because it’s getting unfit for human society.  Most importantly, I intend to nap with great enthusiasm.  Let me know what your plans for the weekend are, darlings, and here are you links!

I, for one, am grateful the corsets didn’t make it.

I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland (flying through the airport simply doesn’t count), and this photo log is not making my craving any easier.

As we move forward into this political season, I expect to see a lot more of this going on.  Brace yourselves.

Therefore, in the interest of increased meaningful cultural dialog, here’s an excellent explanatory piece as to just why the film mocking the Prophet Muhammed is as offensive as it is.  I enjoy learning about religions and have tried to learn about Islam, but this explained a few things in a really good way.  The more you know, kittens.

Current beauty craving.  Because there are some days where washing your hair is just going to have to wait until you get back from kickboxing class.

Other beauty craving.  The 90’s style dark lips (thankfully sans darker lip liner!) may not be my thing, but this is totally wearable.

Dr. Who is back (that shrieking you heard was me losing it)!  To that end, here’s a funny t-shirt for the lovers out there.

History Nerds!  This is amazing!

Most of us type it at least once a day, now here’s why.

The weekly sheep.

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