Friday Links XXXI

“I am somewhat exhausted; I wonder how a battery feels when it pours electricity into a non-conductor?”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure Of The Dying Detective

Any week includes the following in a conversation with your best friend, “Wait, you’re having a torrid, clandestine co-worker affair with a nice Jewish boy?” must have been a good one.  And it has been, busy but good.  This is the same friend who once had a man ask her to be his mistress, for the record.  Apart from being an extraordinary friend and wonderful all around person, she is an excellent dinner guest – her stories are amazing.  Anyway, I’m fiercely glad it’s a long weekend, because good as it’s been, I’m ready for a break.  What are you doing next Monday?  Sound off in the comments.

Check this out, and then respond with your best skewers!  I expect some great zingers in the comments, minions.

What’s that, she-minions?  You’re having a bit of a blah day, and you need something scrumptious to look at.  We live to serve: behold!

Of course.

We had the musical Camelot on VHS when I was a kid (remember VHS?  Did I just out my age?), and though I recall being extremely irritated with several of the characters for their life choices, I loved the look of Vanessa Redgrave’s Guinevere.  I remember being extremely taken by her first knuckle ring and thinking how unusual and elegant I found it.  Alas that my fingers never grew into long aristocratic tapers, so I could never pull them off, but more lengthy she-minions are encouraged to try.

This mouthwatering recipe is brought to you courtesy of the ever lovely Janssen.

New TV seasons are starting up soon and frankly I could leave most of them.  But my guilty pleasure of Downton Abbey will be back before we know it.  Here’s a cheeky cheat sheet just in case you’ve gotten confused as to what’s going on.

Message in a bottle! (Sung to the tune of the Sting and the Police song of the same name)

Impossibly pretty people with impossible access to impossibly high end products lead us lesser life forms in search for the perfect red lipstick.  I only post this because I love red lipstick.  What?  It’s my blog, I’ll link what I want!

This is a horrible product  that would give me heart attacks galore.

The President responds to Clint Eastwood’s (bizarre, odd, discordant, rambling…) bit with the chair at the Republican National Convention.   Politics aside, Twitter burn!

Transporting livestock – get creative.

And speaking of, the weekly sheep.  You know, just being adorable.

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