Friday Links XXVII

“Friday: The day after Thursday and before Saturday according to Rebecca Black. Also the most annoying day of the week now.”
― Aaron Peckham, Urban Dictionary: Fularious Street Slang Defined

Our Summer of London is drawing to a close, kittens.  “Why, C.,” I hear you exclaim, “’tis but the the first days of August!  Surely summer is not over yet, why would you say so?”  Because stores around here are putting up Halloween decor, that’s bloody why.  If I see anything for Christmas up before Labor Day, I solemnly vow to give the shop owner thereof a sharp reprimand.

Me, come Sunday evening.

Anyway, it’s been another slowish week but here are your links, only a few today.  Our weekend will be spent feverishly cleaning as my parents and two siblings are coming into town soon and all attempts at grown up-ery must be made.  No one’s fooled, but at least the kitchen counters will be gleaming.  Pity J., minions, a world of stressed out crazy is about to be unleashed on him.

To all expectant mothers ready to pop, or women who have yet to spawn (to various friends and relations’ annoyance), I give you this glorious site.  Mind the URL.

Could you go years without buying anything new?

Such an interesting project!  Hat tip to Lauren from Little Farmhouse in the Big City.

Perspective.  An uncomfortable one.

A desperate need of perspective.

What Should We Call Me goes to France, darlings, et j’adore!

The Olympics continue, spoilers notwithstanding.  Given your height/weight, what event would you most likely compete in, compared to other athletes?  Apparently, I’m a weightlifter (5’1”, 120 lbs, who knew?).

My godmother tells a story that always convulses me.  Driving around the city one day with one of her children when they were young, the youngster pointed out of the window and declared, “Look, mommy, a princess!”  Fairy looked an beheld not a Disney impersonator but a man in full drag.  “That’s not a princess, honey, that’s a queen,” she answered.  I’ve only had one friend who participated in drag, but I still think it’s interesting how wigs, makeup, and constricting garments can turn turn someone into another persona entirely.  To that end, here are some intriguing portraits.

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