Friday Links XXV: Return of the Links

“Fridays are absolutely without a doubt the best day of the week, five grueling days of the same routine seem to melt at three o’clock on Friday afternoon. There’s a sense of magic there, everything smells better, tastes better, and the colors are brighter. As opposed to Sunday evenings when everything begins to get dim all over again.”
― Stefanie Ellis, Ashes

True, but still not a ton of fun.

This week has been rough, ducklings.  I got off the plane at 10am Monday morning and was at work by 1pm.  I’ve got the obligatory air travel induced cold and sore throat, and I’d much rather be in London.  Who wouldn’t?  Luckily it’s Friday and we’re back to our regularly scheduled blogging routine.  I’ve got plenty more London posts for you, but we must, by all means, observe tradition!

We saw dogs everywhere in London and our puppy lust is raging strong.  When we finally get one, I’m totally going to slap one of these on it’s collar.

There’s something about public transportation that makes people read, here’s a blog dedicated to it.  Everyone on the London tube was reading – yes there were iPhones and iPods aplenty, but honestly I saw far more books than electronics.  Traditional publishing lives!

The oddest thing about fashion is how far in advance it plans.  Here we are in the blazing heat of July and the major houses recently trotted out their wares for the Autumn/Winter lines.  I stocked up on my well-beloved British mags and they are stuffed to the gills with gorgeous stuff for cold weather to set my cravings alight.  Here’s the ever fabulous Tom and Lorenzo‘s post on one of my personal favorite haute couture designers, Elie Saab.


I have a feeling that the gentleman called the young lady, “Shorty,” immediately prior to this now gif-ed clip.

Which came first, the cat video or the egg?  Apparently, this.

This…was a thing?  Seriously?

I saw a girl whip one of these out on the tube and couldn’t rest until I knew where she got it.

Fascinating article from the NYT to make your wheels turn a bit.  I realized a while back that I haven’t made any new friends in a long time.  Growing up moving every few years I got to be pretty good at it, but I found that it was impossible/unnecessary to keep up with all of them.  The true soulmates of friends are rare, but neither time nor distance weakens the bond, and the ones who are more transient pass out of your life easily.  I’m always open to meeting new people, but honestly if all I had for the rest of my life was my four best friends, I think I’d be happy.  Friendship, kittens: a strange animal.

Well, at least MTV isn’t hiding it anymore.

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