Friday Links XXI

“There is no such cozy combination as man and wife.”
~ Menander

A bit tardy minions, but you’ll forgive me as it was for a good cause.  I had our annual secretaries retreat today and then had to hightail it to Margot’s wedding.  The girl gone and done it – she’s hitched!  It’s been a lovely but long day, so here are your links and let Aunty C.  just take a quick nap, k?

Shake hands and make up, war can only last so long (I’m looking at you, Rome).

Speaking of wars, here’s a professor explaining how he lectures on the Trojan War – watch the whole thing if you want.  I myself could barely make it past the first couple of minutes wherein he declares that every year fewer and fewer students even know what the Trojan War is.  I’m wringing my hands, and Mum is probably gnashing her teeth in frustration!

The end point of the Big Bang has an equally negative sounding name and some unpleasant effects.  Luckily we’re a few billion years out from it.

The fun history of photoshop.  Some people in the 19th century were pretty darn good at it.

A great article (written by a friend!) about herself, Mitt Romney, the Mormon Moment, and how they intersect in personal and unexpected ways.  It’s a fantastic piece, and not just because I adore this woman.  Check it out.

Here’s yet another place I’ve found for you to spend your money, I’m having a kitsch craving moment with these, and even the more toned down versions are pretty cute.

This story is amazing.  A (sort of) God’s creation doesn’t quite act the way he intended.  There may be a philosophical lesson here, but even if not, have a listen.

This blog‘s been making the rounds, but still quite fun.  A British school girl documents her lunches every day, and the phenomenon has spread so people can send in snap shots of their lunches from all over the world.

A while back I went through and weeded everyone from my social networks that I didn’t actually know personally and hadn’t spoken with in the past six months, but I never really thought of the role that exclusivity plays in social networking.

Grocery shopping habits across the decades, and the role of food industries.

If I could do one thing for incoming freshman to our humble university, it would be to sit them down and make them watch this.  Freshman, and most seniors to be honest, you haven’t earned the right to be treated specially yet.  You’ve got a long road ahead, get to work.

The weekly sheep, just try to be in a bad mood now!

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