Friday Links XVIII (Minimal Effort)

“I want to start a band called “Friday Have Been Cancelled” and then hold open auditions every Friday. The sign will read, “Auditions For Friday Have Been Cancelled.” I sure hope nobody shows up because I certainly won’t be there.”
― Jarod Kintz

Today I have a wedding reception, I’ve been (surprisingly!) busy on a project all day, and had to run several errands for work.  And for some reason, I’ve been ridiculous all week and refused to go to bed a reasonable hour so I’m running on mostly sugar and hyperactivity right now.  But I’m way too tired to come up with something clever.  Here are your links, minions, “and therefore, frolic.”

Ladies of the past, being impressive.

I’m not sure what to think of this practice in Hong Kong.

The psychology and physiology behind yawning – it’s more complicated than you think.

Just in time for the Queen’s Jubilee (and who am I kidding, that party’s been going on for a while now), the Royal Archives have finished digitizing Queen Victoria’s journals and made them available.  She was a surprisingly good doodler.

Speaking of Good Queen Bess, here she is demonstrating the color wheel.  Nien sprechen sie Deutsch?  Enjoy anyway, Betty’s fabulous.

Finally answered: to conquer world!

Someday I will crank out a novel, and at that time I solemnly swear I will not be one of these writers.  Literary agents must have great stories, I should befriend one (for totally humorous and not at all selfish reasons, of course),

One of my assignments for Flyboy’s upcoming wedding was to find a quality barber shop so he could get a real gentleman’s shave.  And for some reason, I’m now mildly obsessed with the them, it’s an instant boost of class.  I think J. should check out this joint in London and report back.

This shop contains many items that might be prohibitively expensive, but still make me drool a bit.  The real gems are in the Apothecary and This N’ That sections.

J.?  I want one.  Not immediately, not today, but I want one to save and make pretty someday.  It will cost a fortune, but I want one.

The weekly sheep.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links XVIII (Minimal Effort)”

  1. I’m not gonna lie, I think that remembrance diamond thing is sweet.
    Also, the gentleman’s shave! Been trying to get CK into that for ages. We’re starting small, but I credit the man for being open to the idea of a brush and straight razor.
    I miss thee.

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