Friday Links XVII

“It’s 4:58 on Friday afternoon. Do you know where your margarita is?”
― Amy Neftzger

Oh, PBS, talk dirty to me…

Friday is again upon us, minions, and praise Jupiter for it because this week has dragged at work!  Most of the staff seems to have taken at least two days off (lucky jerks) and whole hours go by without so much as phone call.  But that’s alright because this weekend I’m working on finalizing wedding travel plans for Flyboy’s nuptials, going to yoga, cleaning my flat (of which it is in dire need…), and I’m also planning a couple of marathon phone calls with the girls and J.  Sunday looks like a good day to ride Harley and read some books before settling in with a bowl of kettlecorn, switching off my phone, and devouring the last episode of Sherlock.

In a similar vein, tonight (wild hedonistic thing that I am) I’m planning on working out, doing laundry, and pretending I’m at the Met with Scarlett by watching an Opera on PBS.  Heck, I might even get some takeaway!  That’s just how I roll, ducklings.  What are your weekend plans?  Tell me in the comments, and enjoy the links!

Funny tumblr of the week, for all you nerds out there.  And let’s be honest, kittens, to paraphrase Lewis Caroll, we’re all nerds here!

How common is your birthday?  Do the math backwards and apparently we discover the winter holiday season is the time babies happen.  ‘Tis the season?

I have…opinions about this commercial.  Clever?  Perhaps.  But…  What do you guys thing?

These…pants?…offend me.  Minions found wearing them will be sacked.

SoupAddict (whose blog I love and stalk) just posted some lovely pictures of her blooming garden.  Mum and Dad apparently put in a garden at home recently too and are already enjoying the fruits (pun!) thereof.  I have a black thumb, although I’ve managed to keep my bamboo alive for years now, so a full garden is out for me.  But for my Someday House, I have a vision of growing herbs outside of my kitchen.  I think I could manage that.

Alright, I’m going to come out and say it: people like this make me despair at the human race.  I’m not sure when notoriety became the only thing worth seeking, when talent was eclipsed by self-branding, and idiots became so admired, but it needs to stop.  History shows that this is not a new phenomenon, but I contend it’s never been so bad in all of recorded human experience.

On a happier note, this kid is utterly adorable.

On the other hand: yes, you can.  I have met one, and I say that without the barest hint of sarcasm or hyperbole.  Scary, uncomfortable, and very sad.

It’s rainy today (for the first time in months, blasted American West) but for the past while it’s been sunny and hot.  Summer is here, and that means product testing time!  I’ve discovered a whole host of things that have made life easier.  This amazing product from Kielhs  currently tops the list.  I tried it because apparently Certain-Dri does not work forever (hi, chemical burns on my underarms!) and normal antiperspirants/ deodorants don’t work at all.  Summer is not kind to your friendly neighborhood Small Dog, she is a creature built for cooler climes, but such things help.

Sheep, even the weekly ones, are jerks.  One charged my little sister when we were hiking Hadrian’s Wall on holiday and it caused a bit of consternation at the time, though it makes for a good story now.

7 thoughts on “Friday Links XVII”

  1. could not click though because my computer is a spaz, but re: the 9 year old psychopath: probably the only sadder thing is a 9 year old whose guardians are intent on having her cast as a psychopath because it’s easier than actually helping her deal with the fallout from years of abuse.

    would love to be part of the phone marathon. i’m home getting ready to fly out for my interview, and ‘twould be fabulous to catch up if you’ve got the time. 🙂

    1. Sadly, some problems don’t have solutions. I think of my mother’s depression and how helpless it made everyone it touched feel. It didn’t go away, it didn’t get better, and to this day it’s not fully under control or manageable. Sometimes **** just happens and there is no cure.

      You’re completely right, though, that people whose problems are caused by other people’s actions and choices are enraging. There are a lot of different types of victims and survivors out there.

      Phone call coming forthwith!

  2. The pants–hideous though they are–are not anywhere as offensive as is the PRICE! Bad art is regrettable; greed is unconscionable.

  3. I like aspects of Justin Ross Lee, he is an Oscar Wilde without the talent. He is also a protest against a world which so glorifies the superfical values of Paris Hilton and her ilk (in which all other values have given way to the cult of rapine) that the average person of mediocre talent no longer has any diginity or place in our world. This makes him an accute and accurate social observer.

    His actions also underscore the truth that the same average person has become increasingly powerless to fight against this cultural trend, and that the only hope for their survival is to join the ranks of the crass. (Hence the willing march to slaughter on reality TV shows.) His is a fascinating and fatal protest via acceptance. (I must look for evidence of this in the classical world, it would make for interesting and nuanced discussion and comparson in my classes.)

    His choices also make us question our own. They call us to decide what form our own protests must, and will, take. And to question if ours will be any more successful than his.

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