Friday Links XIV (Style and Substance)

“Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”
~ Joseph Addison

So, the lesson this week is that if you’re having a bad day, speak up!  After I confessed to feeling low, Jane stopped by to see me with a funny card and bunch of flowers, Peregrine wrote me the best BFF email in history, Scarlett regaled me with tales of hilarity from her internship to boost my mood, and a lovely neighbor invited me over for dinner and some girl time.  The moral of this week: complain*.  Stiff upper lips out, quivering lips in!

*Actually, the moral of this week is surround yourself with Good People and even your worst days can be alleviated rather spectacularly.

Here are your weekend links, kittens.  I’m spending mine doing yoga, brunching with Jane, and reading friend-recommended books.  How about you guys?

Nope.  I’ve puzzled it over and over and I still can’t get it.

I want to go to there: Flavorwire runs down its list of the 25 most beautiful public libraries (bibliophiles: check out the university and private library lists as well).

So remember that project from a while back that changed the various depictions of Venus to something more current in terms of body type appreciation?  Here’s another lesson in it: Pinup-up girls before and after.  Even Vargas girls don’t look like Vargas girls.

I’ve spent hours on this site planning the future presents I could make, if only I weren’t so poor.  Alas!

I am firmly of the opinion that Theodore Roosevelt was the most bad A of American presidents.  This is cause for some debate, Andrew Jackson has quite a number of devotees and to be fair he was pretty intense, but he was also an insufferable jerk, so I don’t like him as much.  Not that Ted wasn’t without his faults, but I’m far more impressed with the turn of the century style big game hunting, the Rough Riders, social reform, the national parks, and this tiny little event.  Hardcore history, kittens!

I’ve been to several of these, but I want to make it to all of them.  In the meantime, J. is on assignment to visit so we can all live vicariously through him in the meantime.

Some fun City Hall weddings are style profiled on Refinery 29.  Lovely!  I had the whole shebang type of wedding and loved every minute of it, but I do like some of the smaller, non-traditional varieties.  Basically, I like parties of every size and shape.

The weekly sheep.  A stupid tradition continues, and this particular sheep expresses his opinion about it.

One thought on “Friday Links XIV (Style and Substance)”

  1. LOVE the London-area historic houses. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I’m glad your pals picked you up from the dumps (as in, down in the…) My biggest lesson of the past few years is how much love is out there waiting to show itself, but you have to give people the green light.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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