Friday Links XIII (Short and Sweet)

“I have a stag weekend coming up and I have said I’m not doing anything more than a few drinks.  I won’t have it.  I will go home and watch Antiques Roadshow.”
– Martin Freeman

Still a bit out of it. Normalcy will restore itself eventually.

Equilibrium slowly restoring, kitten, but still not functioning at full capacity, so with that in mind, here’s your links.  I can’t quite be bothered to be exceptionally clever today.  Give me the weekend and it’s usual copious amounts of PBS and we’ll see what I can stir up for you.

Animals who are extremely disappointed in you.

The always hyperbolic and usually inappropriate takes on The Hunger Games.

Meet Henri, the existential French cat, your new favorite feline.

Rules of a Gentleman.  Preach.

This offends me.  I suspect J. would die a happy man.  Our marriage is a strange animal.

Summer brings out the WASP ancestry in me and I begin to crave preppy things.  Like these.

My old school mate does it again.  Now that J. is back in London (and let’s not talk about it too much, the wound is pretty raw) I can go back to my mostly vegetarian eating habits.  To be clear I’m not anti-meat, pro-vegan, or any you-must-live-this-way-or-forever-be-deemed-a-heathen sorts of philosophies.  I just like the financial, culinary, and caloric break of not needing to eat meat everyday.  J. may have acclimated himself to salads and vegetables living with me, but heaven help you if that’s all you feed him!

Um…people?  I don’t think this is the way… Let me rephrase: stopitstopitstopit!

Fascinating look at our ever evolving relationship to social media, the importance of being along, and difference between that and being lonely.  An equally fascinating interview with the author.

The weekly sheep.

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