Friday Links X (Marks the Spot)

“There will be a rain dance Friday night, weather permitting.”
– George Carlin

May you find enlightenment. Or a comfy nap spot. Whichever.

Bittersweet week this time, ducklings.  Hennessy’s last day was on Tuesday, she’s going to stay at home with her sweet little baby to help him kick Goltz Syndrome in the teeth!  Savvy is moving out of state in just a few weeks and this saddens me.  I spent all of Monday and Tuesday herding, feeding, and organizing FBI agents and law enforcement officers for a special training (which was exhausting!).  J.’s been here for nearly two weeks now, which means we only have two more weeks until he has to go back to London for his exams – le sigh.  But we’re not dwelling, kittens, because today is Friday and we’re going to have a lovely family filled weekend with good food and fun.  How was that alliteration for you?

Here’s your weekly dose of randomness:

Mad Men is back and I am thrilled!  Naturally the internet has been saturated with articles, surveys, tips for cocktail parties, and info about the late 60’s, but here was one of my favorites: some info on  Diet and Exercise fads in the 60’s. 

I did a post a long time ago (mostly because I was bored) on words I found particularly annoying or misused.  I ended up giving a couple of history lessons…boredom produces odd effects in me.  Anyway, here’s the history behind some more English words, and I vote that we bring back “fopdoodle.”

If you’re in a dry move, here’s an academic paper from the University of South Africa about what could be determined the first recorded great divorce scandal.  Drama, drama, drama.  (Link to full article towards bottom of the page.)

Speaking of marriages, here’s an interesting article that a rather amazing former coworker recently highlighted on her blog.

Here’s a fun tumblr from the National Archives of the United States.

I wonder how many of you, minions, get as worked up as my family does about board games.  The first Christmas J. spent with my family he was reduced to hysterics when Snickers won two out of three Settlers of Catan games only to lose the third and spent the rest of the day plotting revenge.  See, in his family, board games are excellent excuses for the brothers to talk smack and goof off.  Not so in my clan!  We are Borgias!  If we can’t win we will conspire to take down as many enemies with us as we can, and we remember that you didn’t trade us for a brick that one Thanksgiving four years ago.  Apparently, though Settlers can be used for good: here are some Catan pickup lines that will make any aficionado of the game chortle.

I am not a gardener, and not likely to ever be, but every year I plant a little basil bush that manages to provide me pesto well into autumn (if I don’t kill it first).  I think that someday, if I’m very ambitious I may plant more spices in my Someday House back yard.  Anyway, here’s a good post on stocking one’s spice cupboard – for the culinary ambitious among you!

I am…not sure what to think of this particular neuron… Weigh in.

Last week’s diamond ring was labeled vulgar after all, Aunty C. is proud you all have such good taste!  Here’s some other sparkly things I found that I think are much more tasteful, pretty, and interesting.

Last but not least, history nerd humor!  This week’s edition: courtly love, courtesy of Flight of the Conchords.

6 thoughts on “Friday Links X (Marks the Spot)”

  1. Really bizarre about the neuron. I didn’t read the whole thing, but they didn’t mention anything about how people actually viewed her, did they? I’d imagine that must somewhat be tied to whether or not it fired for people.

  2. Liked the earrings….really loved the rings on her site. Aaaaah, jewelry.

    Loved your link about board games. I am now beating the computer as often as possible playing Scrabble. It shld not feel that satisfying to beat an algorithm, but yes, it does.

    Have a great weekend with J! I’m in California and playing with friends for the next 3 days. Yay.

  3. LOVED the spice article. Makes me want to get out and do more gardening. And I think the earrings are lovely!

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