Friday Links VIII (I’m Friday the Eighth I Am I Am…)

“Always strive to excel, but only on weekends.”
~ Richard Rorty


It’s been a slow week, my doves, the most exciting thing that happened was buying armloads of Girl Scout cookies (thereby funding the downfall of Western Civilization, according to some), and spending the majority of work at a conference.  It’s lovely to get out of the office, but it would have been lovelier if we could have held the whole thing outside – the weather has been gorgeous!

The big news is that J. is coming to visit.  On Monday!  For a month!  Hurrah for term breaks before finals!

Here’s some fun stuff for the weekend for you, hope you’re looking forward to it as much as me:

Letters from Henry VIII and Jane Seymour have been found.  I’m partisan to Anne Boleyn myself, Catherine Parr’s a close second, but how nifty is it to see the letter confirming the birth of his son?  And all it took was throwing over multiple religious factions, a vicious divorce, a beheading, quelling very tiny insurrections, countless mistresses, wars with France, and dissolving and pillaging the monasteries.  All in day’s work.

If obesity rates are to be believed (and I think they are) we’re spending an awful lot of time sitting down.  But who knew chairs were so interesting?

I found this absurdly cute for some reason.

A fun tumblr for my fellow history-types.

Gah!  GAH!  They should slap this on the cartons along with health warnings, “May cause loss of historical monuments and priceless cultural treasures.  Oh and cancer…”

One of my old university mates is also living in the US.  She’s additionally, apparently, cooking up a storm.  Here’s her recipes for genuine British fish and chips (hands down J.’s favorite Britannic concoction) and French onion soup.

Nifty project!

For my fellow world travelers.  Someday I’m going to get a bunch of vintage maps of all the places J. and I have lived, set them in interesting frames, and fill a wall with them!

What have you discovered lately that should be shared with the minion coterie?

3 thoughts on “Friday Links VIII (I’m Friday the Eighth I Am I Am…)”

  1. Fun selection, as usual! Love the leaping lamb.

    J coming home…for a month…Wooohooo! You must be over the moon.

    Good stuff to share? If any of your readers are anywhere near NYC, run to Film Forum to see the updated Children of Paradise…one of the best movies EVER.

  2. hi 🙂 just an fyi: that stuff never happened to me. i just got a few headaches, and a little bit of soreness, but that’s it. so it’s definitely not inevitable w/having kids. and kids are pretty awesome. thanks for reading!! 🙂

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