Mature and Dignified Follow Up

“She is popping that thing like a prep pops his collar…”
– Margot

It’s officially infamous.  I knew there was something off about that leg the first time I saw it, and now we know why:

See? Two of those and she should be squatting behind the plate yelling, "Hey batta' swing!"

But now everyone (at least on the internet) is doing the Angie’s Right Leg!  Second to the Bayeux Tapestry, this may be my favorite meme in a long time.

Fops are doing it.
Aliens are doing it.
The Almighty is doing it!
Da Vinci is doing it!
But best of all, you know the Dowager Countess is doing it!

Mature, quality, thought provoking (*snort) posting will return shortly, minions, but in the meantime this is just far too funny.

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