“The internet is a great way to get on the net.”
– Bob Dole

Seriously.  I am baffled by how much snot the human body can produce – surely I should be comatose from dehydration by now.

This is me trying to make you laugh. My aunt skills have improved over the last three years, but only somewhat.

Too much information?  Ah, well, we’re close.  Here: ignore my overly loud nose blowing and look at some interesting things I found for you.  (I apologize for treating you like toddlers, easily amused by shiny, noisy objects, but a week-long cold is a terrible thing.  Indulge Aunty C. and smile at the jangling keys, alright?)

Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano has a fantastic venture, the Venus Project, wherein she ruthlessly photoshops iconic images of the goddess to make them more in keeping with current beauty industry standards.  Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is one of my favorite works of all time, once while in Florence I bought a reproduction of it from a seedy street vendor and displayed it in my college flat (to the discomfort of an unbelievably prudish flatmate and her even more puritanical boyfriend – keeping them off-balance became a sport).  Seeing her reshaped really threw me.

Yo dawg, history is the shiz!  (I apologize for even attempting that…I can’t pull it off, even on the anonymous internet…  But history is.  The shiz, I mean.)

London tube humor.

You guys!  Downton Abbey stars out of costume!  The illusion is shattered.  Although seeing Ethel thus doesn’t really shock me in the slightest – that tart!  Perhaps now would be the time to brag/admit that when living in London, I got to see Michelle Dockery perform in her breakout role in Pygmalion at the Old Vic.  Believe it or not, I didn’t love her in it…  We all make mistakes, my dears, don’t hold it against me.

French parenting: superior to American or not?  Having had an overabundance of opportunity to witness American tourists growing up, I can admit that you can always pick them out in a crowd: they usually are the loud, misbehaving ones.  But my family may just be snobbish.  Weigh in and let me know which side you fall on.

Pintrest find of the week: this soup.  Ohmybleedingheavenstryitatonce.

Marie inspires me to decorate my Someday House with a gossip table.  I need a more elegant place to spend my hours long weekend calls to my girls than the corner of the couch J. and I bought on Craigslist.  This is a classy establishment.

3 thoughts on “Oversharing”

  1. The Venus project is quite facsinating, illuminating, and troubling. It is also fairly liberating; I think I will cut myself some slack on my dieting ideals.

    It is also interesting fodder for my course’s unit on the Middle Ages, in which we will do some gender studies. Thanks for this one!


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