“Easy reading is damn hard writing.”
– Nathaniel Hawthorne

Kittens, don’t you hate it when you’ve got this semi-serious topic kicking around in your head and you want to write about it, but you also want to deliver it slathered in the usual amount of humor and hyperbole and the little gray cells just don’t seem to deliver?  It’s been one of those weeks.  After some mocking and some adulation, I wanted to sit down with you, pour you a cup of tea and ruminate, but the words won’t come.  Writers block: the bane of my Friday.

Anyway, here’s a end of work week linkstorm for you while I collect my thoughts:

Former slave’s letter to his former master – oh snap!  Also, here’s some information  on what became of the emancipated family.

A very cool (if you’re a nerd like me, which let’s face it, many of you are.  It’s why we are friends) video on Shakespearean productions done with the original pronunciation.  English is such a fascinating language to me: it sounds totally different from century to century!  Also, does anyone else find the deeper, more guttural pronunciations surprisingly sexier?  Just me?  Let’s move along…

Although, here’s a link to demonstrate what all those centuries of tinkering may have done to the language…

In political outraged news, seriously?  Seriously? Surely there was something else more deserving of your attention!

Let’s commemorate Facebook’s new IPO status with some humor shall we?

Lastly, words (even millenia of changes in pronunciation)  cannot express the deep desire I have to possess this quilt.

2 thoughts on “Stalling”

  1. Oooooooh, that quilt!!!!

    I just treated myself to a few yards of fabric printed with maps of Paris, with which I’m making throw pillows. And Jose has bought me a cushion for my rehab chair that has the Eiffel Tower on it…:-)

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