For the Love…

“He looks it, I admit.  But speak-to-me-only-with-thine-eyes isn’t a really reliable reason for embroidering doilies and hemstitching tablecloths.”
– Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of the Island

Sybil, darling, let’s practice shall we?

When your hot Irish revolutionary secret boyfriend says, “I’ll make something of myself… Then bet on me, and if your family cast you off it will not be forever.  They’ll come round.  And until they do, I promise to devote every waking moment to your happiness,” your response should not be, “I’m terribly flattered.”

Try instead, “And you’ve still got my bags, how handy!”

And when said gorgeous, devoted slice of bolshevik goodness declares he’s delaying The Revolution for love of you, “I’ll stay at Downton until you want to run away with me, ” it makes the minions – or maybe just me – want to tear their hair to hear you reply, “Don’t be ridiculous!”

A better idea?  “Gee, show me how fast can you turn that car crank.”

I’m just saying.  I know it’s hard, I know it’s scary, but your world will not last (the very curling irons herald the end of ladies maids and electricity the death of the servant legions) and this man’s the future.  Plus he adores you and is absolutely delicious, this should not be a hard decision!  (We scream, with perfect twentieth century hindsight…).  Fellowes!  I’m losing patience!

No, really, COME ON!

2 thoughts on “For the Love…”

    1. Surely! Mostly I think it’s the lack of decision that irks me so badly. This is a personal drama being stretched over 5 years…and I’m impatient!

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