Tomorrow, Please?

“I wish you a tolerable Thursday.  That’s all any of us can hope for.”
– April Winchell

Susie and I had our mid-morning water bottle refilling and check in, and we both decided conclusively, that it should be Friday.  My evidence:

Last week was a four day work week, which after two weeks off for vacation completely resets one’s work clock.  Luckily next week is another four day week, thanks to Martin Luther King Day.  As welcome as this is, I know that it will exacerbate the problem.

This week has been rough.

I didn’t have time to do my hair this morning, it’s currently twisted up on top of my head – universally recognized as a bad start to a morning, thereby consigning the rest of the day to grumpiness.

I currently have four feet of uniforms and gear (yes, this is accurate, I measured) stacked in piles to find room for in an already stuffed to bursting supply room.

I also need to unpack a pallet of reams of paper.

Tonight, I’ve been asked to give a presentation on personal safety and law enforcement resources to my Ladies Aid Society this evening.  Now you may not believe me, ducklings, given my verbosity and general ranting abilities, but I hate public speaking.  Hate it.  I stammer, I blush constantly, I can’t make eye contact, I speak in spoonerisms, you name it.  Not looking forward to it.

So, what say you, minions?  Shall we collectively disavow this Thursday?

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Please?”

  1. Disavow Thursdays? Never!! The advent of Thursday puts me one more step closer to the weekend… and another day closer to eventual retirement (or death, whichever comes first).

    However that being said… due to circumstances relentlessly attacking you today… yes you may disavow THIS Thursday only!! But disavowed or not – you will be *fabulous* this evening in your presentation (how could you be any less than?).

    1. This Thursday was all that was intended, I can assure you.

      As for you utterly misplaced faith, thanks. If I pass out, I’ll remember you fondly on the way to the floor!

  2. I’m disavowing the week. The calendar and other assorted deities are mocking me. Actually, I think they are trying to take me out.

  3. Public speaking is NO big deal…anyone as witty and forthright as you are here can surely (?) be the same in front of some people…? I guess you have to decide why it freaks you out so much. Fear of judgment? Pshaw. Fear they’ll laugh or toss tomatoes? Slim to none.

    Don’t forget…the room has people in it who could NOT possibly speak publicly and are in awe of your bravery for so doing.

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