Not Just Your Grandmother’s War Slogan

“Most of life is routine – dull and grubby, but routine is the momentum that keeps a man going.”
– Ben Nicholas

I’ve always found post-tragedy a bit surreal.  Somehow, in spite of the calamity that has just taken place and probably changed your life forever, the world just keeps on going.  People still need to eat, sleep, work, and go about day to day tasks, you can’t just check out.  After the typhoons, the damage needs to be cleaned up.  After the earthquake, pictures need to be rehung.

Life goes on.


It’s hopelessly British, but the stiff upper lip is a lifesaver, kittens.  There is nothing to keep you going through a tough slog, or helpful when your nearest and dearest are slogging along their own troubles, like routine.

What small things keep you going when Stuff Happens, m’dears?  Nothing is insignificant.

3 thoughts on “Not Just Your Grandmother’s War Slogan”

  1. Facing surgery (and scared to death) I’m gulping down library books and seeing fun(ny) movies and seeing dear friends. Tea is good. And LOTS of sleep — 10 hrs a night, easily.

    I think it’s perfectly fair to feel stressed and anxious, but those elevated cortisol levels are really unhealthy long-term. As a dear friend counseled me this afternoon, put it (the anxiety) down for a while. That can help.

  2. Hot, cleansing water
    The wit, humor, and creativity of others
    Redirected empathy
    Talking about him in the present tense
    A new tube of mascara
    Putting everything in its right and proper order
    …nurturing another human being and being damn good at it!

  3. -Taking a moment to remember the happy memories and be glad that they happened instead of sad that they’ve passed.
    -Music helps.
    -I have a stuffed tiger that my grandmother gave me for Christmas, probably ten years ago or more, that always cheers me up when I need a hug.
    -Most especially, the love and support of those nearest and dearest to me. It might be cliched, but it’s really the biggest thing.

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