Masquerade! Paper Faces On Parade…

“I’m going as your mom.”
“And I’m going as your dad.”
“And I’m going…to therapy.”
– The Fairly Odd Parents

Costumes spotted on campus:

Captain Jack Sparrow (in swaggering, drunken form)
Mario riding a papier-mâché Yoshi
Ninja Turtle
An 18th century girl
Steampunk galore
The King (of Burger King fame)
Hermione Granger
Hobbit (in bare feet, the freezing idiot)
The Doctor (which is not the same thing as a normal doctor.  Is it, fellow geeks?)
The medieval club in full regalia
And a whole host of babies dressed up as everything under the sun (the cutest is Janssen’s darling little cheeky monkey, even if they weren’t technically on campus)

I was thwarted, I had two really good costume ideas and wasn’t able to find crucial components to either of them.  Next year, dumplings.  True to expectation, Hennessy and I ran to the university bookstore on a break, and the red and green are already on display.  Le sigh.

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