An End-Week Linkstorm, For Your Pleasure

“The internet: transforming society and shaping the future through chat.”
– Dave Barry

You know you want to click...

Pumpkins, I wish I could muster some humor and snark for you this Friday morn, but alas the well is dry. I live just off a major road in our humble university town and the Powers That Be, with their usual clear-sighted wisdom, have decided to start tearing up it and the other main road at the same time.  Just before the snows set in and the construction will have to be halted for winter anyway and we’ll be stuck with fewer lanes and more traffic until April.  We’ve some towering geniuses on the city council, let me tell you.

A byproduct of this is that the several of the stores on the main roads are no longer easily accessible by the semi trucks needing to make deliveries and so the behemoths have taken to using the smaller streets to load and unload.  Like the one I live on.  All night long. Very loudly.

Thus, I didn’t sleep well and despite it being Friday and payday, I’m in a foul, sleep deprived mood.  So!  In the absence of real effort, from around the internets, the Small Dog team cherry picks the topics you need to know about.  Or at least the pictures of cats that are bound to make you LOL, srsly, OMG, etc.

The byline says this will make you giggle or cry.  I fall on the latter end.


Neat paper art.

Like unto PBS, my love for NPR runs deep (although I did used to mock my dad horribly for listening to some of the programs).  By far my favorite program is This American Life – here’s one of their recent episodes I particularly liked: Gossip.  Act II’s short story is quite good.

In case you hadn’t heard, today is the day of the rescheduled End of the World.  In May I bought cupcakes to commemorate our office’s imminent demise.  I’m thinking of doing it again.

Dear Rick Santorum: Quoi?!  Let’s talk about the danger of lack of contraception, shall we?  And the rest of the “logic” is equally head scratching, I assure you.

Last political jab, I promise.  “Due diligence,” eh?  It’s a miracle to me why some people are actually given any attention at all.

Dinner tonight.

Little letters.

Just what I like to see.  Tasteful displays of wealth.

Oh look, I managed some snark after all.  What other stories need to be shared with the Minion Coterie?  To the comments!

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